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Quick turnaround

Our primary focus is on freelance work, which enables quick turnaround.

Use of professional translation software

We utilize professional Computer-assisted Translation (CAT) software. This enables us to produce quick, high quality translations. CAT software utilises translation memories and glossaries, which means that terminology is consistent from one translation to the next. This can be very important if you have a series of documents for translation on the same topic or project. (Training manuals, PowerPoints, letters, meeting minutes etc.)

Native English Speaker

As a native English speaker fluent in Tetun for six years, Mandy is able to pick out English idioms, expressions, and jargon, and ‘convert’ these into workable Tetun. This is particularly useful for training manuals and any type of teaching aid, where ease of understanding is most important.

Masters of International Development

Mandy holds a Masters Degree in International Development and have worked in East Timor for six years, and this background has given mher a unique insight into optimal methods of communicating in a development context. She has facilitated training in many different fields in East Timor, and this experience has taught her the importance of maximising communication to provide the best outcome from training and socialisation of an organisation’s activities. She will ensure the translation of your document will be easy to understand by the end user.

Training in Official Tetun

Tetun is a language going through a period of quick development. Its usage can be heavily colloquial, borrow from Portuguese (common in the Justice sector) or Indonesian (business, informal communications etc.) It can be confusing at times as to what is regarded as ‘official’ and what is not. TT’s translations are always produced in official Tetun. This way, the official language is promoted.


In the work environment, people from a variety of backgrounds can find themselves doing translations.  More often than not, translations are done by professionals from other areas when an organisation has a once-off translation need. Some may have excellent language skills but are unfamiliar with translation techniques. Getting translations proof-read ensures a high quality final product. It may be that only 5% of the document needs to be changed, but this 5% can make the difference between an understandable product and a professional product. Within this service, we also provide translator feedback, which can be very helpful to ‘informal’ translators.

Teleconference Interpreting

This service can be very beneficial to people outside Timor working with people inside Timor, or to people who have short but important meetings which require interpretation. This service will require you to have facilities for teleconferencing, or a program such as Skype. ( might also be useful.)

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