Talking with reporters at Ba Futuru art exhibition

With extensive networks, Timor Translation translates a wide variety of documents from government, NGOs, universities and the business sector. Many translation requests have come from satisfied users of my former interpreting services.

As a former NGO worker, I also have experience writing original documents and programs straight into Tetun, like the Ba Futuru Anti-Smoking Workshop, a program that proved to be easily understandable by children as young as 12 and succeeded in shifting ideas about smoking.

Interpreting for Order of Malta's Training of Paramedics

Interpreting for the Sovereign Military Order of Malta’s Training of Paramedics extended my medical vocabulary in Tetun. I have subsequently translated various medically-related documents.

Interpreting Opening Address at Australia East Timor Friendship Network Conference 2010

At the AETFN Conference 2010 I had the honour of interpreting for the likes of H.E. Minister for State Administration, Dr. Arcangelo Leite, H.E. Australian Ambassador to East Timor Mr. Peter Heyward, and Deakin University Professor Dr. Damian Kingsbury.

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